Fast Facts - Energy+ Inc.

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Fast Facts

  • Energy+ Inc. is a local distribution company.
  • The Ontario Energy Board regulates our activities and defines our performance standards.
  • As a regulated utility we do not make a profit from selling energy. We simply pass through the costs without markup.
  • We earn the majority of our revenue from delivery of commodity, which is also known as hydro, electricity or energy.
  • We are responsible for over 1,700 kilometres of power lines, delivering electricity to approximately 65,000 residential, business, industrial and institutional customers.
  • Our 562 square kilometer service territory covers the City of Cambridge, the Township of North Dumfries and the County of Brant. See our Service Area Map.
  • Our local distribution rates (delivery charges) are approved by the Ontario Energy Board.
  • We collect a number of Provincially Regulated Charges that are allocated into variance accounts.
  • The focus of our professional staff is to provide ideas, solutions and value-added services that benefit our customers, stakeholders and communities.