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Safety Education


Kids playing in a park flying a kite near treesSafety and Wellness is a Core Value of our organization - we take responsibility for our personal safety, the safety of our co-workers, customers and communities. We regularly extend our commitment to safety beyond the work environment into the communities we serve, by providing electrical safety training for school-age children and community organizations. Our Hazard Hamlet simulator is a popular feature at community events such as Fire Safety Day.

It is important we use electricity safely. Learn more by watching the video  "How Electricity Hurts".

Contractors and fire personnel receive electrical safety training to ensure they meet the same high standards of electrical safety as Energy+ employees.

Children's Safety Villages

Waterloo Region

The Children's Safety Village offers a variety of programs, events and services to help minimize the threats to the safety and well-being of children in our community.Energy+ is a platinum Safety Village sponsor, working together to find ways to educate children of all ages on electrical safety. Together with our neighboring utilities, we have built a mini sub-station on site for children to visit. We also sponsor a Children's Hero Award each year, which recognizes students in grades JK - 8 in the Region of Waterloo who have performed a heroic act or gone above and beyond to contribute in their community. More about the Waterloo Region Children's Safety Village.

County of Brant

Energy+ is proud to be a community sponsor of Adventures in the Village event.  More about the Children's Safety Village of Brant.

Electrical Safety Education Program

Our Safety Team will visit your school and community group to teach children about how to stay safe around electricity, using the Hazard Hamlet simulator as a teaching and demonstration tool. We will explain in simple terms how electricity is generated and how it reaches our homes and businesses. Provided at no charge for schools and organizations within our service territory, the Children's Electrical Safety Program can be adapted for any age level.

Request a Speaker

To arrange for our Safety Team to come out to your school or community event,  call (519) 621-3530 or use our online form to request a speaker.