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Safety Outdoors

Make sure you take the steps to complete your next outdoor project safely.

Call Before You Dig

First step, before you dig a garden, build a fence, plant a tree, install a flag pole - be smart, be safe and contact Ontario One Call to request a FREE underground electrical locate on your property. Electrical and other dangerous hazards are lurking everywhere underground. Never assume you know the location or depth of a cable, wire or pipe. 

Proximity to Overhead Power Lines

When undertaking outdoor activities - such as standing on a ladder, cleaning windows or eaves, climbing or trimming trees, you must keep your body and/or equipment at least 3 metres (at least 10 feet) away from overhead power line.

Trim Trees Safely

Keep your trees trimmed and a safe distance away from power lines. It is your responsibility to trim trees that are on your property.

Temporarily Disconnect Power

Need a temporary disconnect to safely perform maintenance on electrical equipment? Contact us to submit a temporary disconnect request .