My Safety - Energy+ Inc.

My Safety

Safety for our employees and our community is our number one priority, always.

Safety First, Always

Energy + truck parked with safety precautions and barriers erected around it.Employee health and safety is one of our Core Values. We constantly work to strengthen our safety culture and ensure that all employees and contractors are trained and equipped for the hazards that they might encounter while doing their jobs. We also provide programs and tools to help the people in our communities stay safe.

Call Before You Dig

Always call before you dig to locate underground wiring, piping or infrastructure. It's free and could save a life!

Report a Problem

Contact us to report an electrical safety problem.

Electrical Safety

Find electrical safety information for home and working outdoorscontractors, farm, tree trimming.and more.

Emergency Preparedness

Get tips on preparing for emergencies before they happen. Learn what to do if you encounter downed power lines.

Safety Education

Learn more about our safety education programs or request a speaker to come to your organization.

Useful Safety Links

Discover useful safety information on other websites.