Understanding Your Electricity Bill - Energy+ Inc.

Understanding Your Electricity Bill

The total amount on your energy bill comes from four costs: Electricity Use, Delivery, Regulatory Charges. The Ontario Ministry of Energy's Your Bill. Your Grid. tool explains about each cost and how they are calculated.

Energy+'s costs to deliver electricity to your home/business, maintain the poles and wires, issue bills, respond to power outages, and provide customer service, are included as a portion of the Delivery Charge line on your bill - about 22% of the total bill. The remaining 78% is collected and passed through to other regulatory agencies.

Visit the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) website for more details on electricity pricing.

Visit the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) website for an explanation of the various charges on your electricity bill and to try out the OEB's bill estimator calculator tool to calculate an estimated monthly electricity bill.

See Your Bill at a Glance to better understand what the various areas on your bill mean.