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Our Customers Told Us What Matters

Overview of Customer Engagement

As Energy+ Inc. plans for the future, it recognizes that importance of having a genuine understanding of customers' priorities, preferences and needs, including what customers say matters.

The Ontario Energy Board's Renewed Regulatory Framework for Electricity Distributors: A Performance Based Approach (“RRFE”) requires enhanced engagement between distributors and their customers, in order to better align between a distributor’s operational plans, and its customers’ needs and expectations.  Under the RRFE, Energy+ must:

  • Engage with customers in the development of its Business Plan that addresses outcomes (objectives & goals) and evaluation criteria (performance metrics).
  • Engage with customers on its Distribution System Plan, and associated investment and spending plan that is proposed, in order to deliver on the business plan by identifying customer preferences and needs.
  • Demonstrate that its services are provided in a manner that responds to identified customer outcomes, needs, and preferences.

Throughout 2017 and early 2018, Energy+ conducted a series of Augmented Customer Engagement activities. The completion of Energy+’s Business Plan, Distribution System Plan (including an Asset Condition Assessment Plan) and 2019 Cost of Service Rate Application, were shaped and re-shaped, based on customer feedback, obtained through a number of ongoing and augmented customer interactions and initiatives.

Augmented Customer Engagement Results

Energy+ offers its sincere thank you to all customers who provide feedback throughout the year, and to the 1,500 customers, from across the service territory, who provided feedback via the Online Feedback Portal, participated in Focus Group Workshops,  Telephone Surveys, and face-to-face meeting interviews. The results from the Augmented Customer Engagement consultations are available for viewing:

Customer Engagement: Priorities Needs and Preferences (Executive Summary 29 pages, 2MB)

Due to its very large size, the Customer Engagement: Priorities Needs and Preferences (Full Report and Appendices, 630 pages, 41MB), can be viewed at Energy+'s Administration Office location.