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FAQs About My Account Online

What is My Account Online?

My Account Online is a web portal that lets you log in and securely access online tools to view your electricity usage and receive and view paperless bills.

How do I register for My Account Online?

You need to access the My Account Online area of our website. Simply, click on the orange My Account Online link in the top right corner of this webpage.    My Account Online

In order to create your My Account Online account you will need to create a Username and Password and provide your email address along with the following information from your most recent hydro bill:

  • 10 digit Account Number
  • Adjusted Electricity Usage Billed
  • Bill Due Date

Visit our Access My Account Online page to find the link to My Account Online and more details on logging in.

What is an acceptable password?

Your password must be a minimum of seven characters, including six letters and one number.  Please note that passwords are case sensitive.

I have more than one account. I signed up to view my electricity usage on the first account and then I tried to sign up for my second account, but it keeps telling me that the email address has already been used. How can I register to see the other account usage?

You can register all of your accounts under the same email address by linking them. To link your accounts, you must have one account registered in My Account Online. Once you've registered the first account, simply sign in and go to your Account Settings (the gears icon). Click on the Link Account/Location button and follow the instructions to link your other accounts.

When I view my electricity usage data, where is it coming from?

The provincial Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) manages the central Meter Data Management / Repository (MDM/R). Hourly data is transmitted to the MDM/R. The software is connected to the MDM/R, which allows it to display electricity usage.

When I go online, why can I only see my usage up to the prior day around midnight?

Your data is updated each day at midnight. It is "near time", which means that we can access your hourly data up to midnight each day.

Sometimes when I go in and look at my hourly usage there are days missing. Why?

The hourly electricity usage reads are sent using wireless technology, similar to a cell phone signal. With wireless technology it sometimes takes time for the signal to react and populate the hourly data.

Is there any chance that other people could see my hourly electricity use data or my E-Bill?

No. The software has safety measures in place to ensure your data stays private and secure.

Who can I contact if I have problems registering or signing in?

Please contact our Customer Care department by email weekdays between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.