Conditions of Service - Energy+ Inc.

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Conditions of Service

As a licensed distributor of electricity, our Conditions of Service communicate operating practices, connection policies, and types and levels of service available to customers in our service territory. 

Proposed Changes to the Conditions of Service

We are proposing some changes to the Energy+ Conditions of Service. We welcome your input until May 18, 2018. A print copy is available for review and comment, at our Administration Office at 1500 Bishop St. N, Cambridge.

What are some proposed changes?

  • Clarification about customer connections, inspections, private pole lines, maintenance of services.
  • Expectations for customers with hydro meters inside basements.
  • Updated payment methods.

If you have comments or questions on our Conditions of Service or supporting documents referenced in the Conditions of Service, please email or mail them to us.

Supporting Documents Referred to in the Conditions of Service