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My Account Online is a convenient, online service that gives you access to paperless billing, past bills and hourly usage details that tell you when, and how much energy you are using. It also includes a library of topics to help you better understand Time-of-Use periods and the price of electricity during Off-peak, Mid-peak and On-peak times.

A one-stop service, My Account Online lets you see your billing and energy information in one place so you can better manage your hydro account and your usage. 

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Hint: Use your cursor to hover over the blue question mark boxes on the registration form, to accurately fill out information and prevent an error message when submitting your registration.

Tips To Help You Sign Up

You will need to have your most current hydro bill in front of you in order to sign up, as you will need to enter your Account Number, Amount Due and Bill Due Date. See a sample Energy+ bill to better understand what information you will need to sign up.

We suggest you read the following information before you begin. Then when you're done registering, write down your Username and Password and keep in a secure place so that you can refer to it in the future when you log in to My Account.  On the Registration Page you can hover over the ? to get help completing the fields.

  1. Account Number - When entering your Account Number, don't include any zeros at the beginning of your Account Number or occupant code. Example: Account Number 00001234-01 as it appears on your bill, where -01 represents the occupant code. The Account Number would be entered as 1234-1. Another example if the Account number is 64001234-00 you would enter 64001234-0.
  2. Username - Must be a minimum of 3 characters, and can include letters, numbers or any of these special characters ! @ # .  _  Your Username must not include any blank spaces or a $.   Tip:    Your email address will work as your Username.
  3. Email - My Account Online will use this email to send you ebill and other emergency notifications or to reset your password.
  4. Password: Must be a minimum of 6 letters and 1 digit(s). The system identifies how robust the password is.
  5. Security Question - Choose a security question from the drop down list.
  6. Security Answer - An authentication measure used to protect your Account. Your answer does not have to necessarily reflect the security question.
  7. Amount Due - Enter the Amount Due showing on your latest hydro bill (Tip: Amount Due is located on the top right hand side of the bill). Example: $1,235.98  Enter as 1235.98.  If you have a Credit Balance in your Amount Due then enter as -1235.98.  Include a - in front of the amount to indicate a credit balance. 
  8. Bill Due Date - The Due Date of your latest bill (e.g. MM-DD-YYY). For Automatic Payment Plan customers, the Bill Due Date is the date your payment is withdrawn from the bank.