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Net Metering Program

Our Net Metering Program is available to any Energy+ customer who generates electricity, primarily for their own use from a renewable energy source (wind, water, solar radiation or agricultural biomass).

How Net Metering Works

Net metering allows you to send electricity generated from Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) to Energy+'s distribution system for a credit towards your electricity costs. Excess generation credits can be carried forward for up to 11 months, including the 11th month.

Applying To the Program

Net Metering is a multi-step process that requires careful consideration. Applicants are cautioned NOT to incur any expenses until Energy+ approves to connect the proposed generation facility. 

General Technical Requirements for Distributed Generation (.PDF)



 1 Submit a Net Metering Application Form

You must submit a Connection Request to us by filling out the Micro-Distributed Generation Application, Part 1.  Submit the completed form online for review by the Energy+ Renewable Generation Team.

We will review your Application and provide connection information within 15 business days. 

 2 Submit a Net Metering Connection Application Form (DG<10kW) OR Connection Impact Assessment Form (DG>10 kW)

After reviewing the connection information from Energy+, and if you decide to proceed with the project, the next step is complete the Micro-Distributed Generation Application Form (DG<10kW), Part 2 OR Connection Impact Assessment Form (DG>10kW). Submit the completed form online for review by Energy+ Renewable Generation Team.  

The Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) fee varies according to the feeder ownership and size of the project. We will complete the CIA review and report back to you within 60 business days.

 3 Receive a CIA Report and Quote Our CIA Report will provide you with feasibility information about your net metering project, including a Quote and a Connection Cost Agreement.
 4 Submit a Generation Account Application Form

Complete the New Generation Account Application and Micro-Distributed Generation Connection Agreement. Submit the completed forms online. 

 5 Review Installation Layout We will send you a copy of the layout for metering, disconnecting switches and other electrical connections. You arrange for a qualified electrical contractor to install the net metering generation.
 6 Schedule an Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) Inspection

Once your contractor has completed installation of the net metering generation, you must apply to the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) to schedule an electrical inspection. The ESA's guidelines for safety and generation are available to ensure correct installation. Once you have a confirmed inspection date from the ESA, contact our Customer Care department to arrange for the power to be disconnected and reconnected, if indicated on the Energy+ Service Layout, or for a meter change only, if indicated on the Service Layout. The ESA will provide us with the electrical inspection "Authorization for Connection", which allows us to energize the new service.

 7 Set Up Service Connection

Energy+ will complete the new service connection on the same day the Connection Authorization is received by replacing the existing meter with a bi-directional meter. We will let Hydro One know that the project has been connected (if applicable).

 8 Billing

Congratulations! You are successfully connecting your net metering generation to Energy+'s distribution system.

Your hydro bill will show the net consumption of your business or home. The amount will vary from month to month, based on how many kWh of electricity your net metering project generates.

Need more information?

Email the Renewable Generation Team for more information.