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Electric Vehicles

Energy+ believes that the adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and electric vehicles (EV) will help our community reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, while using low cost, locally-produced electricity.

We are committed to being a leader by encouraging the community to explore electric vehicle options, while ensuring that charging electric cars will not negatively impact the local electricity grid. Since 2012, our team have embraced a hybrid electric car (Chevrolet Volt) and a hybrid bucket truck in our fleet of service vehicles. More about our corporate Environmental Policy. 

Use Our Public Charging Stations

Customers, visitors, employees and the general public can charge EVs at two, high-powered Level 2 charging stations at our Cambridge employee parking lot at 1500 Bishop St. NorthOvernight parking is not allowed and vehicles left overnight may be towed.

Data collected from our utilitiy's public charging units will be analyzed, including how long it takes to charge a vehicle, when and how often people are using it.

To find an EV charging station near you, please visit the Plug Share Charging Station map.

Install A Home Charging Station

A number of resources are available to help our customers choose, buy and install a charging station for electric cars.  From the comfort of  home, Charge My Car can help you organize a quote from a qualified electrical contractor, compare models or charging stations, make a purchase and organize installation. Charge My Car is a partnership between Plug'n Drive and several local electricity companies in Ontario, including our utility.

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Financial incentives are available from the Ontario government to help electric car owners install charging stations at their home.