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Business Refrigeration Incentive

Upgrade Your Refrigeration System with Up to $2,500 in Rebates

For some small businesses, refrigeration can represent up to 72% of their electricity costs.  Even small energy-efficient improvements can net big savings. 

The Business Refrigeration Incentive (BRI) program is a fast and easy way to upgrade your system, boost sales with brighter more appealing LED display cases, improve food safety/quality with more reliable equipment, reduce energy use by 45-60% and save an average of $100/month.

Get assessed. Get rewarded. 

  1. Free onsite refrigeration energy audit by a qualified energy expert.
  2. Personalized action plan with recommendations for implementing the best energy-saving measures.
  3. Professional installation, at no charge to you.
  4. Up to $2,500 in rebates.

 Does your business qualify?

  • Have an Energy+ business account
  • Use commercial-grade refrigeration equipment
  • Average annual peak demand is less than 250 kW
  • Own or lease the facility (if you lease the space, you must have written permission from the owner)

 Businesses typically include:

  • Grocery/Convenience/Retail stores
  • Restaurants
  • Food/beverage producers
  • Recreational facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Banquet halls
  • Florists

Get Started Today!

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