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Developers and Contractors


If you are looking to build a new home or business, or even just an addition, our Conditions of Service and Economic Evaluation Policy have all the information you need on new and upgraded services.

Map of our Service Area

We have Subdivision Servicing Specification Book - Material and Construction Specifications
- Revision 1 (January 12, 2018)

For information on installing temporary services and isolating your existing service, please contact our Service Coordinator (519) 621-3530, ext. 2400 if you live in Cambridge or North Dumfries, or (519) 442-2215 if you live in the County of Brant.  Email


If you are interest in building a new solar project, please see our Connecting Renewable Generation web page. For more information, you can contact our Vice-President, Engineering (519) 621-3530, ext. 2229 or Email