Stay Safe in Stormy Weather - Energy+ Inc.

Stay Safe in Stormy Weather

Tips from our friends at the Electrical Safety Authority and the Waterloo Region Emergency Management Centre can help keep you safe before, during and after stormy weather - including how to prepare for an emergency, how to reduce the the impact of dangerous hazards such as downed power lines and flooding.

In the Community

  • Downed power lines may be live! Stay at least 35 feet or 11 meters away because electricity can travel through water and on the ground. Call 911. Remain well back.
  • Don't clear storm debris until the power is disconnected or power lines are repaired. Contact Us to disconnect the power.
  • If a downed power line lands on your car, remain inside until emergency responders arrive to help.

Around Your Home

  • Snow, ice, heavy rain, and high winds can bring trees and branches down onto power lines causing blackouts and electrically charged hazards.
  • Beware if water gets into your home as electrical systems may be affected. Contact a licensed electrical contractor to make repairs.
  • When flood water rises above electrical outlets or power cords, or is near the service panel, it could be energized. Contact Us to disconnect the power immediately.
  • Be careful using portable generators.

Repairs, Permits, Inspections

Many homeowners may need to have electrical repairs done as a result of damage from severe weather. There are some critical elements to ensure  electrical work is done legally and safely. More about electrical repairs, permits and inspections.